Ivonne Valdes Awarded 2019 Diversity & Inclusion Champion Award

If our industry is going to meet growth expectations, we need to attract more talent and make our industry more appealing to all underrepresented groups.  While all industries experience the challenge of competing for the same talent, the Digital Infrastructure industry has the added problem that few are aware of our industry, or of the well paid and interesting range of jobs the industry can offer. Consequently, a key priority is to increase awareness. Celebrating champions of Diversity and Inclusion is one way we can all help achieve this and attract underrepresented groups.

Infrastructure Masons are committed to expanding diversity and inclusion by promoting a culture of awareness of our industry. In 2018 the Infrastructure Masons launched The Diversity & Inclusion Champion Award to recognize and celebrate achievers in diversity and inclusion, so their contributions become visible and amplified.

The aim is to promote and change the image of the industry and convince underrepresented groups to consider a career in Digital Infrastructure and attract a wider group of people to the industry.

The 2019 D&I Award Committee of practitioners, academics and business leaders, included Nancy Novak, Heather Dooley, Carrie Goetz, D.MCO, Amber Caramella, Inge Woudstra-Van Grondelle, Martin Murphy, Dean Nelson, Jaime Leverton, Christina C. Abraham and Amelie Zegmout. The Committee was led and coordinated by Hannah Ormondroyd (Chair of iMasons D&I Committee) to determine the award process and apply agreed criteria.

The award committee were looking for D&I Champions who’d delivered initiatives, or acted as role models, that celebrate the individual and foster greater diversity against the following criteria;

  • Outcome
  • Personal values e.g. commitment, courage, demonstrable inclusive behaviour
  • Innovative
  • Scalable
  • Sustainable

Submissions and testimonials were received from around the world and the committee had a tough job in compiling a short list of finalists and a tougher job in determining the Winner. The 2019 D&I Award Ceremony and Dinner was held in London in November 2019.

Award Finalists

iMasons was pleased to congratulate Ivonne Valdes as the winner of the 2019 Diversity & Inclusion Champion Award. Ivonne shares her journey and motivation in the short video below.

“Ivonne continues to make a significant impact in the advancement of inclusion and diversity in technology. Ivonne is a trusted and caring advisor who generously shares her knowledge and encourages others to excel”


The evening was about celebrating Diversity & Inclusion Champions everywhere. Thanks to all those involved in organizing, judging, advising and submitting entries. And thanks to all the people, everywhere, who promote and champion D&I every day.

If you would like to be considered as a Judge for the 2020 D&I Champion Award, please contact iMasons Administration.

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