TGGC & iMasons Heating-up at 10th DCD Beijing International Summit

On Dec 5th, at the 10th DCD Beijing international summit at the Beijing Hyatt Hotel, over 43 experts in cutting-edge technologies and concepts in China and abroad shared their thoughts with nearly 1000 data center users, including leading telecom and IDC service providers, design institutes, project management and engineering general contractors, and solution service providers. Last summer TGGC (formerly The Green Grid China) and iMasons formed a partnership making TGGC the organizer of the mainland China local chapter of iMasons. As both iMasons and TGGC are important partners of DCD, TGGC was invited to lead a session at the conference on Infrastructure Utilization Effectiveness (IUETM).

IUE™ is a new indicator proposed by TGGC, which aims to provide an effective method for data center owners and managers to evaluate and improve data center resource utilization, identify design or operational faults, guide improvement of the use of infrastructure resources, reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of data center construction, and improve the reliability and availability of the data center.

TGGC believes that IUE™ and other xUEs can help data owners and operators manage resources more effectively, enhance their competitiveness and meet their social responsibility requirements. If your data center solution can help data center owners and operators to manage resources more effectively, TGGC welcomes your participation!

iMasons has been growing rapidly worldwide, launching local chapters in Europe and the mid-east this year.  iMasons partnered with TGGC this past summer to organize and support a Mainland China Local Chapter of iMasons when iMasons Founder and Chairman, Dean Nelson signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Beijing with Dr. Li Jie, President of TGGC.  The goals of the partnership are to provide a conduit to improve communication between digital infrastructure professionals worldwide, and increase global awareness of the leading work being done in China on standards and best practices for green data centers, aligning perfectly with iMason’s increasing focus on sustainability.

TGGC aims to build a green data center standard system. To complete and launch the standards, TGGC has initiated technical discussions and communication with iMasons and other third-party organizations, data center operators and data center technicians worldwide. The future is the era of the digital economy. Cloud computing, big data, IOT, AI, 5G and other technologies will further promote the construction of IT infrastructure. TGGC will develop various standards and tools, and continue to promote the development of green data centers. TGGC will share their work with mainland Chinese professionals through TGGC, and with iMasons members worldwide through the iMasons collaboration platform being launched 1Q 2020.

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