Infrastructure Masons and Salute Mission Critical announce Strategic Alliance

Military veterans’ value provides a diverse workforce that learns and adapts quickly and continuously strives for excellence

Infratructure Masons (iM) announce a strategic alliance with Salute Mission Critical (Salute) to help progress it’s mission to connect, grow and give back to the Digital Infrastructure Industry. The strategic alliance with Salute recognizes the value veterans bring to the digital infrastructure industry and the inclusive programs that Salute has driven that results in a more diverse workforce. Salute is committed to solving unemployment and underemployment of veterans as well as the personnel shortage in the data center industry.

As part of the alliance, Lee Kirby (Chairman & Co-Founder, Salute Mission Critical) will serve on the iM Advisory Council and work closely with the Diversity and Education initiatives to ensure optimal outcomes. When asked about the value of the partnership with iM, Lee Kirby said, “I am very excited about the opportunity for Salute’s veterans to become a part of an industry community early in their career, as these relationships can only help them grow and fulfil their potential. The collaborative nature of iM will foster mutual learning which is key to the future of our Industry.”

“Attracting new, diverse talent is one of our industry’s biggest challenges. Our partnership with Salute will help to fill that pipeline. Veterans are highly trained, disciplined members of society that can contribute great value to digital infrastructure growth and support. A number of the iMasons partners are already seeing results as Salute’s population represent widely diverse 25-35 year old individuals that are being placed all over the world. We are proud to partner with Salute and help drive that mission.”

Dean Nelson, Chairman & Founder, Infrastructure Masons

We are very pleased and honored to be forming a strategic partnership with the Infrastructure Masons. Members of the iM Advisory Council as well as a number of the wider Infrastructure Masons community are already Salute clients and have been instrumental in helping us have such a positive impact on veterans and their families. The Data Center Industry is a great alternative for veterans to start a career after they have served their country and I believe the core strengths of veterans are one of the things that will help the Industry to grow sustainably.”

Lee Kirby, Chairman & Co-Founder, Salute Mission Critical

 Lee Kirby and Dean Nelson


Infrastructure Masons (iMasons) is a non-profit, professional association of technology and business leaders who represent over $150Bn in infrastructure projects in over 130 countries. The organization is guided by an Advisory Council comprised of global leaders who manage some of the largest digital infrastructure portfolios in the world. The iMasons vision is to Unite the Builders of the Digital Age by enabling our global membership to ConnectGrow, and Give Back. Members leave their companies at the door and connect as individuals. IMasons has four strategic industry priorities – increase Awareness, enhance Education opportunities, champion Diversity & Inclusion, and promote Sustainability through deep member engagement.

About Salute Mission Critical

Salute Mission Critical transforms military veterans into world-class data center technicians through doing so has become a premier IT Data Center Lifecycle services company. Clients around the world rely on Salute to deploy, manage, and decommission data center sites with consistently high-quality results. Their ability to recruit, train, and support our teams is unique and applied in a highly effective manner to fulfill client requirements anywhere. Learn more at

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