We’re very excited to announce that the iMasons app is now live. Free for all members, the app makes it easier for you to actively participate with your digital infrastructure industry colleagues connecting, growing, and giving back.

While the app was in development well before the world had heard of COVID-19, it will be tremendously helpful in this environment where digital connection is the only connection we have with industry colleagues, and where we need community more than ever. You don’t have to be socially distant while practicing social distancing, and with the iMasons app you can connect, grow, and give back easily anytime, anywhere, from any device.

In addition to celebrating the launch of this exciting new way to connect, grow, and give back, we’re also celebrating this month our four-year anniversary! Check out the blog post that launched a thousand connections (and many more), written by founder Dean Nelson way back on April 2, 2016.

Getting the app is easy

The iMasons app runs on the Hivebrite platform. Current and past Infrastructure Masons will receive an activation link by email. (Didn’t receive it? Let us know.) New members, sign up here. Once you’ve activated your iMasons app account, you can access the app on your mobile device (download from the App Store or Google Play) as well as on the web.

Moving forward, the app will be your digital destination for all things iMasons. It’ll be where you:

  • Access members-only blogs and videos
  • Find members near you
  • Join conversations
  • Participate in iMasons communities, committees or local chapters
  • Register for events
  • And much more


With the app, it’s easier to connect with your digital infrastructure industry colleagues, no matter where you are or what time it is. On the train, in line at the airport, even in the loo – with the app, you’ve got iMasons in your pocket.

Get the iMasons app today and you can:

  • More easily get value out of your iMasons membership.With the iMasons app, you can access iMasons anywhere, anytime, from any device. So it’s easier to connect, grow, and give back – whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you, at whatever level of time investment you can make.
  • Connect more easily and seamlessly with end users and partners than on LinkedIn. Because the app is just for members, it allows you to cut through the noise and go right to direct engagement with your industry colleagues. If your aim is to build your own competency, further your own career, and/or elevate the digital infrastructure industry, then come join us on the app, and welcome home.
  • Access members-only events around the world. Including the Global Member Summit, which will be held virtually on 4/22.


Growing your career is hard to do when your only options are attending in-person gatherings and sifting through piles of content to find the pieces that are relevant to you. Providing more options for growth is one reason we created the iMasons app.

Activate your iMasons app account today and you can:

  • Easily get insights on topics you care about. The iMasons app enables you to much more easily access members-only content that’s interesting to you. Content you can get only on the app includes recaps of summits and other events, fireside chats and other videos, Thoughts papers, top-of-mind blog posts, and forum discussions. It’s organized by type and topic.
  • Find your tribe – or build your own. The iMasons app will be the home base for communities of identity, the newly created member resource groups (MRGs). Engage and share your thoughts and expertise and help advance your community’s interests, wherever you are and whenever you have time.
  • Help solve the most pressing industry challenges. If you’re passionate about educationsustainability, or diversity & inclusion, participate in the committee on the iMasons app and help create innovative solutions to these tough industry challenges.

  Give back

We’ve all benefited from the digital infrastructure industry – whether it’s been your home over the course of a decades-long career or you’ve just arrived. But it’s understandably difficult to find the time to give back amid all the other pressures and demands on your schedule. That’s one reason we created the iMasons app – to make it easier to give back to the industry that has given us so much.

Get the iMasons app today and you can:

  • Join iMasons in making a real difference for the digital infrastructure industry. On initiatives like improving the talent pipeline, increasing diversity, increasing awareness of the industry, and promoting sustainability efforts, Infrastructure Masons has already made a significant impact. These initiatives are set up as groups and projects within the app, so it’s easy for you to actively engage.
  • Easily share your experience and expertise – when and where it’s convenient for you. You have tremendous experience and expertise that can be invaluable to the next generation of industry leaders. With the app you can jump into conversations and contribute real and substantive input from wherever you are, whenever you have time.
  • Help bring up the next generation of industry leaders. If you’re looking into the sunset of your career, it’s a great time to think about how you can leave the industry better off than you found it. Sharing your experiences with younger generations is a powerful way to do just that – and to ensure that the wealth of knowledge you’ve built over decades of trials by fire doesn’t get lost when you retire.

Activate your iMasons app account today

The iMasons app runs on the Hivebrite platform. Current and past Infrastructure Masons will receive an activation link by email. (Didn’t receive it? Let us know.)

Past or new member? Join today for $1!

The iMasons app is free, but it’s only for Infrastructure Masons members. In celebration of the app launch and our anniversary we’re offering memberships to all past Infrastructure Masons and new members, just $1 for the first year.

And it’s now easier than ever to join! You can become a member and get set up on the app at the same time. Here’s how:

  1. Complete and submit this short membership request form: https://engage.imasons.org/signup
  2. Once your request is approved by iMasons, you’ll receive an email with a link to the app activation form (the iMasons app runs on the Hivebrite platform)
  3. Activate your iMasons app account
  4. Visit the Membership tab in the app to pay your annual membership dues (just $1 for the first year) and you're good to go!
  5. May we suggest - download the iMasons app from the App Store or Google Play (though you can also access the app through the web)

Questions? Contact admin@imasons.org

See you on the app!

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